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How Fathers Can Bond with their Baby! - Little Learners Early Education | South Morang Child Care

Bonding is the attachment developed between parents and their babies. Studies reveal that this connection sets the stage for how the child enters healthy relationships and expresses emotions throughout life.

It’s not uncommon for fathers to feel left out due to mothers’ frequent nursing sessions with their babies. For this reason, here are some effective ways dads can establish a bond with their babies.


1. Singing to Baby

Many paediatricians recommend singing to your baby in utero and continuing with that familiar song once the baby is born. This action effectively calms the child and soothes their emotions.

Fathers can pick a special song or two and sing it frequently during pregnancy and continue with the routine once the baby is born. This assists the bonding process and solidifies the connection between father and child.


2. Cuddling

The benefits of holding your baby close to your chest are vast, as studies reveal it helps in temperature regulation, stress reduction, blood sugar stabilization, oxytocin release (the love hormone), a sense of security, and more.

Fathers should consider spending as much time as possible with their newborns. By cuddling the baby on the left side of your chest the baby will hear your heartbeat delivering a soothing calming experience.

3. Consistent Interaction

In the book “Your Amazing Newborn,” Dr. John Klaus and Phyllis Klaus stated that fathers should prioritize spending time with their newborns in the first three months after birth. It’s recommended, during this period, to maintain eye contact whenever the baby catches your eye, repeat their babble like a conversation, and even make funny noises.

Other activities you can do to consistently interact with your child include games like peekaboo, pat-a-cake, and this little piggy. These factors combine to intimately connect the father to the child and help establish the necessary developmental. bond.


4. Babywearing

Babywearing is an excellent opportunity for fathers to connect and bond with their babies. This factor is due to babies’ love to be worn, and when done correctly, it solidifies the connection between father and child.

Besides, wearing a baby makes it easier to accomplish daily tasks and chores around the house or even at work, depending on the father’s type of job. Nevertheless, it’s an effective way to bond with your child


5. Get involved in Feeding and Nappy Changes

Another effective way to connect with your child is during feeding sessions. Should a mother be breastfeeding a father can take the baby for burping. Additionally, should your baby be bottle-fed a father can take over the role and nourish the baby themselves.

The same applies to nappy changes; a father should take over some of the sessions and interact with their baby as they put on the fresh nappy. Fathers can spice up the process by making funny faces, singing to them, or anything of the sort to get a positive reaction from the baby.



Fathers are equally essential to the baby’s mental development and should create a substantial connection with the baby right from birth. We hope the tips in this blog give you some ideas to begin your journey in bonding with your child.


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