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Our Approach - Little Learners Early Education | South Morang Child Care

Learning Through


That’s the Difference.

The Head Start Curriculum

Paving the Way for Your Child’s Bright Future, Starting from Any Age

At the heart of our approach is child-led education, where your child takes the reins of their learning journey. Through fostering child-led decision-making, we empower them to cultivate ownership, active participation, resilience, and unwavering confidence. Guided by dedicated educators, this approach kindles curiosity and sparks the flame of inquiry within each child.

From the very first day your child joins us, regardless of their age, their unique learning voyage commences.

Our team of Little Learners educators is tirelessly dedicated to laying the foundational skills that propel children into the next phase of their journey. Our programming is meticulously tailored to be age-appropriate, keeping developmental stages in mind. The emphasis remains on fostering holistic growth through play-based learning, thus nurturing every child’s innate potential during these critical early years.

Working in harmony, our educators facilitate smooth transitions between different rooms, ensuring that every child continues to progress and refine their readiness skills. Through this collaborative effort, we set the stage for a seamless and progressive learning experience that maximises each child’s potential.

We love Little Learners so much. My son runs in the door and I feel so relieved that he is happy and learning so much. Mady, Poppy and Steph are amazing and he will miss it so much when he leaves for Prep. Michelle is an amazing centre manager who helped me with all my questions and queries. Thanks so much for the excellent care

Paula C

Positive Relationships

Nurturing and fostering secure, supportive, and mutually beneficial relationships forms the very core of our educational program, guiding private early learning centres across Melbourne.

From these positive relationships naturally flow positive interactions, which in turn provide the optimal environment for your child’s holistic development. When children are engaged, they experience a sense of empowerment that enables them to articulate their thoughts and actively make choices in their learning journey.

In our approach to education, we acknowledge children as learners with the following attributes:

  • Competent, Capable, and Creative.
  • Secure, Connected, and Respectful.
  • Happy, Playful, and Curious.
  • Confident, Motivated, and Involved.
  • Inquisitive, both as Problem Posers and Problem Solvers.

These characteristics form the guiding principles of how we shape our educational environment, ensuring that each child is not only well-prepared for academic endeavours but also equipped with the skills and mindset to navigate the complexities of life beyond the classroom.

Little Learners has great facilities and a fantastic education program. I have seen such a development and learning change in my son. He loves going there and talks about his educators and friends every night. They are up to date technology wise and parents get daily updates as well. We love the Echidna room! Seeing how excited he is on our way there every day makes me feel like I have made the right decision. Keep up the great work.

Sasha D

Active Learning Environment

Little Learners Early Education is committed to fostering an environment of active learning at our kindergarten and childcare centre located in South Morang, North Melbourne.

Active learning entails a dynamic pursuit of knowledge where the learner takes an active role in constructing and shaping understanding, rather than merely receiving information passively.

This approach encompasses:

  • Safe and Responsive Relationships: A foundation of trust and mutual interaction between educators and your child.
  • Personalized Activities: Your child engages in activities that draw upon their unique interests, strengths, and skills, designed to cater to their individual growth.
  • Community Engagement: Encouragement of high expectations and recognition of your child’s capacity to contribute positively to their community.

Children thrive when learning is interwoven with play and suitable challenges. Active learners make sense of their surroundings and themselves through investigation, exploration, and interactions. At our centre, every activity becomes an opportunity for learning, inviting children to participate and joyfully explore their capabilities and knowledge.

The Advantages of the Head Start Curriculum:

  • Customised Programs: Tailored programs that focus on nurturing individual strengths.
  • Active Play: Embracing both indoor and outdoor open-ended play for holistic learning.
  • Emotional Resilience: Fostering emotional strength and adaptability.
  • Addressing Emotional Needs: Attentively addressing emotional well-being.
  • Adventure, Exploration, Discovery: Providing opportunities for adventurous learning experiences.
  • Building Self-Confidence: Nurturing self-assurance and belief in oneself.
  • Child-Led Education: Empowering children to direct their own learning journey.
  • Challenging Activities: Presenting activities that stimulate critical thinking and growth.
  • Positive Relationships: Cultivating positive connections among educators, children, and families.

At Little Learners, we strive to create an environment that ignites the joy of exploration, encourages curiosity, and nurtures the holistic development of every child in our care.

I’ve been to heaps of new centres in this area but you have to check out Little Learners! Their outdoor yards are as good as they are in the pictures. Their staff and management are so supportive and they’ve helped me and my family through many challenges. I had a great orientation and they spent heaps of time getting to know me and my little miss. They’ve given my little one the best start and I’m so grateful for them!

Georgie L

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