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Our Differences - Little Learners Early Education | South Morang Child Care

What Makes Us

Different, Makes Us


We Make Things Easier For You!

Have you had a chance to see our amazing centre?

If not, you can take a moment to watch a video that shows our special outdoor play area.

Even better, why not visit us in person and see the centre for yourself?

You can schedule a tour at a time that works for you! We’ve created something really special, and we’re sure both you and your child will be impressed.

Here’s a helpful tip: You only need to bring a spare change of clothes and a hat. We’ll take care of the rest!

We’re here to make your mornings easier!

We provide everything your child needs, from sunscreen and skincare products to nappies, wipes, bibs, bedding, and linens.

With lots of play and learning areas, big outdoor spaces full of fun, and plenty of resources, we offer many opportunities for children to explore and develop their unique learning styles, abilities, and interests.

So, why wait? Come and see for yourself the amazing experience that Little Learners Early Education has in store for both you and your child!

We love Little Learners so much. My son runs in the door and I feel so relieved that he is happy and learning so much. Mady, Poppy and Steph are amazing and he will miss it so much when he leaves for Prep. Michelle is an amazing centre manager who helped me with all my questions and queries. Thanks so much for the excellent care

Paula C


Our approach to education, which sets the standard for private early learning centres in Melbourne, is based on building strong, supportive, and mutually beneficial relationships. These relationships are the foundation of our program.  From these positive relationships come positive interactions, creating an environment where your child can thrive and reach their full potential. When a child is engaged, they gain the confidence to express their thoughts and actively shape their own learning journey.

We recognise that children have these characteristics as learners:

  • Competent, Capable, and Creative: Children are naturally skilled, able, and have a natural creative ability.
  • Secure, Connected, and Respectful: Feeling safe and connected fosters an atmosphere of respect and consideration.
  • Happy, Playful, and Curious: Children find joy in play and have a natural curiosity about the world around them.
  • Confident, Motivated, and Involved: With confidence and motivation, children become active participants in their learning journey.
  • Inquisitive, as Problem Solvers: Children are naturally curious and are skilled at not only asking questions but also finding solutions to problems.

By nurturing these qualities, we create a well-rounded and enriching educational experience for every child in our care.

Little Learners has great facilities and a fantastic education program. I have seen such a development and learning change in my son. He loves going there and talks about his educators and friends every night. They are up to date technology wise and parents get daily updates as well. We love the Echidna room! Seeing how excited he is on our way there every day makes me feel like I have made the right decision. Keep up the great work.

Sasha D

Extra Curricular Activities

Children are welcome to participate in as many or as few as they choose!  These activities are included in your fee.

Little Learners Early Education Childcare Centre South Morang

Dance & Drama

Little Learners Early Education Childcare Centre South Morang

Little Yogi

Little Learners Early Education Childcare Centre South Morang

Little Musicians

Little Learners Early Education Childcare Centre South Morang

Little Green Thumbs

Little Learners Early Education Childcare Centre South Morang

Little Linguists

Little Learners Early Education Childcare Centre South Morang

Little Athletics

Little Learners Early Education Childcare Centre South Morang

Little Tradies

Little Learners Early Education Childcare Centre South Morang

Little Chefs

Little Learners Early Education Childcare Centre South Morang

Little Scientists

I’ve been to heaps of new centres in this area but you have to check out Little Learners! Their outdoor yards are as good as they are in the pictures. Their staff and management are so supportive and they’ve helped me and my family through many challenges. I had a great orientation and they spent heaps of time getting to know me and my little miss. They’ve given my little one the best start and I’m so grateful for them!

Georgie L

Little Learners Village Community Garden

Nurturing Tomorrow Through Garden Cultivation

We strongly believe in a future where our planet thrives sustainably. We see ourselves as caretakers of the Earth. Teaching our children to respect and take care of Mother Earth is an important part of our curriculum. This lesson helps them understand their responsibility as global citizens.

What better way to teach them about sustainability, caring for the planet, and being responsible citizens than by creating a garden right next to our centre? This garden is like a living example for everyone to see and appreciate!

We started the Little Learners Village Community Garden in collaboration with the Whittlesea Council and Melbourne Water. We also received support from local schools, gardening experts, elderly care homes, community groups, and local businesses.

Our garden is an open invitation to our entire community – neighbours, individuals, families, and everyone nearby. We all work together to take care of the garden, practice sustainable gardening, and enjoy the herbs and vegetables it produces. It’s also a great place for various activities, from peaceful moments of thinking to fun family gatherings, quiet picnics, and lively games. Our garden is a place where people can have fun and share experiences.


Would you like to participate and maintain a garden bed?


If so, sign up and become a member today! Click Here


A space for all members of the community to garden together!

I can’t recommend this facility enough. My 2 year old is in the Platypus room and loves it dearly, and is literally pushing me out of bed each morning to get up so he can go. His teachers are amazing and I feel blessed to have my son in this environment. A fantastic 5 star facility, very modern, amazing, loving, caring staff and excellent teaching programs. Keep up the great work guys xxx

Kelly D

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