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We recognise that the choice to entrust your child to daycare is a decision laden with emotions.  This is why we warmly invite you to engage in open conversations with us as you tour our facilities.

During your visit, you will witness our hand-picked team of qualified, knowledgeable, and nurturing educators actively engaging with the children. At Little Learners, the environment is carefully curated to be one in which your child can explore and flourish. We provide an array of exceptional resources, complemented by nutritious and delectable meals, as well as dynamic and engaging learning programs.

Central to our philosophy is the belief that every child is a unique individual, deserving of the utmost care and attention.

We encourage you to reserve a tour, granting you the opportunity to discuss your specific needs with us.

Through this experience, you will uncover how Little Learners stands as the ideal environment tailored to meet your child’s developmental requirements.

Babies – 18 months – nurture, comfort and support

Within our nursery team, we wholeheartedly recognise the significance of creating a comfortable and nurturing setting where young children can begin their journey as budding learners.

The pace of learning in infants is truly remarkable! We are devoted to not only embracing and cherishing each baby in our care but also to providing an environment that mirrors the comforts of home and offers secure spaces for exploration.

Our educators are acutely aware of the paramount importance of instilling a sense of safety and support within young children, particularly as they embark on comprehending the vast world around them. Infants flourish when they receive ample one-on-one attention, and to facilitate this, we maintain a low ratio of babies per caregiver. This enables swift responsiveness to the unique needs of each baby.

Undoubtedly, continuity of care takes precedence as infants require the time to establish attachments and trust in their daycare caregiver. As routines become familiar, children start to cultivate a sense of belonging, resulting in a burgeoning confidence. Our dedicated team maintains open lines of communication with both you and your family, ensuring we understand each child’s individual needs and sharing the memorable highlights of their journey.

The nursery room we provide furnishes a haven that combines nurturing, learning, and tranquility, thus affording the child a platform to explore and thrive.


Both my son and daughter attended Little Learners (8 years in total.) The knowledge and growth that they both received I believe will help and did help with the transition to primary school. The educators here are knowledgeable and have your child’s best interests at heart. I feel content knowing that both my children have and will enter primary school with the necessary skills to get them through. Thank you, Little Learners, I entrusted the care of my children to you and you treated them as your own. Thank you for supporting and caring for my kids. Thanks Michelle and your team, you do an amazing job!

Kasey F

Pre Kindy 2 – 3 years – inspire, challenge and adventure

Our pre-kindy toddler room boasts an array of natural settings and open-ended learning opportunities that inspire children to embark on explorations filled with imagination and creativity.

Toddlers, by their very nature, are in constant motion, inherently embracing a role as active learners. Their innate curiosity and love for play are nurtured and celebrated as we furnish a joyful, challenging, and invigorating environment. By establishing a dynamic and adaptable space, we pave the way for a journey of discovery where children thrive by wandering, exploring, and navigating their burgeoning perceptions of the world.

Within this setting, the social and emotional development of the toddlers flourishes as they engage with their peers. We provide ample play-based learning opportunities that may not always be feasible within a home environment.

At the core of our approach is the understanding that play is the conduit for learning. We have meticulously designed this pre-kinder space to be age-appropriate, fostering engagement with music, dance, art, and dramatic play. This holistic environment is dedicated to promoting active involvement and learning, encapsulating the unique essence of this developmental stage.


My daughter finished 3 and 4 year kinder from this centre and as parent we were extremely satisfied after looking at the overall progress of our kid. She has started prep now & her school teachers are amazed with her learning abilities which was possible only because of qualified-caring educators and quality teaching programs of this centre. Director Michelle and her office team always answer parent queries with smile. Highly recommend this centre.

Harpeet S

Kindy 3 – 4 years – independence, socialise, grow – Kindy

An explosion in language development, the introduction to taking turns, and the blossoming of social interactions serve as the driving force behind the fully funded Victorian government kindergarten program.

Our commitment extends to delivering a top-notch kindergarten program, meticulously tailored to 3-year-olds. Aligned with the national quality framework, this program equips children with enhanced social adeptness, emotional coping skills, and improved attention capabilities.

Within this program lies the bedrock for literacy and numeracy, all woven seamlessly through play-based learning that ignites curiosity and prompts exploration. This holistic approach to learning sets the stage for fortified academic and social pathways during the early years.

Our dedicated Educators strive to craft immersive learning environments that foster inspiration among children. These spaces are curated to fuel engagement, nurture connections with peers, and facilitate the blossoming of friendships. Simultaneously, we integrate elements of sleep, rest, and relaxation, ensuring children are rejuvenated for their afternoon of exploration.

As a child advances to the 4-year-old Kindergarten phase, they harness the skills they’ve developed through play and apply them to more concentrated learning. This process of ‘scaffolding’ skills and knowledge fosters effective learning habits, cultivates deeper literacy and numeracy proficiencies, and bolsters emotional resilience. This transition is integral to their educational journey, laying the groundwork for comprehensive growth.

My children have been at LL for 3.5 years. LL offers a great 3 & 4 y.o Kinder program, with the benefit of long daycare hours, which suits our working family very well. My children are currently in the Emu and Kookaburra rooms. The teachers are very warming and caring towards my boys. Madison gives my 3 y.o the time he needs to say goodbye with his little routine, so he isn’t upset when I leave. LL has a great program, Flexi Buzz, where I can message the teachers during the day and I receive messages on what they have been learning, making or playing. The centre has many yards which are all nicely maintained and are clean. My children enjoy attending kinder there. Most of the staff know my children, they always greet them with a smile and a hello. The admin team is also wonderful. No question is too silly to them, when it comes to asking about balances or the fee structure. Bianca always follows up any questions I have many regarding the CCS etc.

Marissa V

4 year old Kindergarten – milestones, learning, flourish

Graduates of our comprehensive full-day, high-quality four-year-old funded kindergarten program at Little Learners are not only esteemed within our community but also acknowledged by local schools as possessing the social, physical, and developmental readiness essential for a successful transition to Prep!

Distinguished by an elevated level of education, our Head Start Curriculum goes beyond the norm, surpassing primary school benchmarks while nurturing emerging extra-curricular skills and passions.

The fully funded Kindergarten program, seamlessly aligned with the national quality framework, places a concerted emphasis on every facet of your child’s development – from social and emotional growth to physical, intellectual, and language advancement.

In this nurturing environment, Victorian children are afforded boundless prospects for flourishing. Among these opportunities, the most profound one is the freedom to explore and experiment without constraints on their learning voyage. This is indeed an exceptional Head Start!

Rest assured, we are committed to preparing your child not just for school, but for life. Our program instills resilience and equips your child to confidently embrace the world, fully primed and poised for their journey ahead!

We look forward to working with Little Learners for many years to come…

Little Learners has been fantastic in supporting our transition process from Kinder to Prep.  Their School Readiness Program has certainly helped prepare children for school.  The teachers work with us willingly to ensure a smooth transition process.  The children appreciate the follow up visits in Prep and absolutely love saying hello to their Kinder teachers again!  

Grace Lucic

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