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We understand that choosing to place your child in daycare is an emotional decision.

That is why we encourage you to talk to us about your needs and concerns while touring our facilities.

You’ll observe our hand-picked qualified, knowledgeable and nurturing educators at play. The Little Learner’s environment is an environment where your child will explore and thrive. We provide wonderful resources, combined with nutritious and delicious food and active learning programs.

Our philosophy is that every child is unique and deserves the best possible care and attention.

We encourage you to book a tour to discuss your individual needs.

You’ll discover Little Learners is the perfect space for your child’s developmental needs.

Babies – 18 months – nurture, comfort and support

Our team in the nursery understands it is essential to provide a comfortable and nurturing space for young children to become young learners.

Young babies learn at a rapid rate!   We love, embrace and nurture each baby offering the comforts of home and safe spaces to explore. 

Our educators know it’s vital for young children to feel safe and supported as they start to understand the big world around them. Babies thrive in situations where they have a lot of one-on-one attention. That’s why we have a small number of babies per carer which allows the carer to respond quickly to the babies’ needs.

Continuity of care is the most important aspect as babies need time to develop an attachment and trust in their daycare carer.

Once a child becomes familiar with routines they start to develop a sense of belonging and confidence flourishes.  Our team communicates regularly with you and family members to gain individual child needs and to share highlights.

Our nursery room offers a nurturing, learning, and calming environment for the child to explore.


Both my son and daughter attended Little Learners (8 years in total.) The knowledge and growth that they both received I believe will help and did help with the transition to primary school. The educators here are knowledgeable and have your child’s best interests at heart. I feel content knowing that both my children have and will enter primary school with the necessary skills to get them through. Thank you, Little Learners, I entrusted the care of my children to you and you treated them as your own. Thank you for supporting and caring for my kids. Thanks Michelle and your team, you do an amazing job!

Kasey F

Pre Kindy 2 – 3 years – inspire, challenge and adventure

Our pre-kindy toddler room has many natural spaces and open-ended learning that motivates the children to explore with imagination and creativity. 

Toddlers are always on the move and therefore are active learners.  Children love to play and be free to explore and we foster this by providing a happy, challenging, and stimulating environment.  Creating a vibrant and flexible space allows for discovery where children thrive by wandering, exploring, and navigating their growing perceptions of the world.

Their social and emotional development flourish by socialising with other youngsters and by offering play-based learning opportunities that they might not be able to do at home.

By encouraging children to play, they learn.  We designed this pre-kinder age-appropriate environment for learning and being involved with music, dancing, art, and dramatic play.


My daughter finished 3 and 4 year kinder from this centre and as parent we were extremely satisfied after looking at the overall progress of our kid. She has started prep now & her school teachers are amazed with her learning abilities which was possible only because of qualified-caring educators and quality teaching programs of this centre. Director Michelle and her office team always answer parent queries with smile. Highly recommend this centre.

Harpeet S

Kindy 3 – 4 years – independence, socialise, grow – Kindy

A burst in language development, the opportunity to learn about taking turns, and socialising is the stimulus for the fully funded Victorian government kindergarten program.

We provide a quality kindergarten program that incorporates the national quality framework specifically designed for 3-year-olds that offers them the opportunity to be more socially adept, better able to cope with their emotions and develop better attention skills. 

This program lays the foundation of literacy and numeracy through play-based learning to inspire curiosity and discovery.  Creating seamless learning builds stronger pathways academically and socially in early childhood.

Our Educators are about creating inspirational learning spaces for children, to help stimulate and encourage children’s learning and involvement with others and making friends. At the same time incorporating sleep, rest, and relaxation to help rejuvenate them for an afternoon of exploring.

As a child transitions into 4-year-old Kindy, they apply these skills acquired through play into more focused learning.  This ‘scaffolding’ of skills and learning creates better learning habits, develops deeper literacy and numeracy abilities, and advances emotional resilience.

My children have been at LL for 3.5 years. LL offers a great 3 & 4 y.o Kinder program, with the benefit of long daycare hours, which suits our working family very well. My children are currently in the Emu and Kookaburra rooms. The teachers are very warming and caring towards my boys. Madison gives my 3 y.o the time he needs to say goodbye with his little routine, so he isn’t upset when I leave. LL has a great program, Flexi Buzz, where I can message the teachers during the day and I receive messages on what they have been learning, making or playing. The centre has many yards which are all nicely maintained and are clean. My children enjoy attending kinder there. Most of the staff know my children, they always greet them with a smile and a hello. The admin team is also wonderful. No question is too silly to them, when it comes to asking about balances or the fee structure. Bianca always follows up any questions I have many regarding the CCS etc.

Marissa V

4 year old Kindergarten – milestones, learning, flourish

Graduates of the Little Learners full-day quality four-year-old funded kindergarten program are recognised by local schools as socially, physically, and developmentally ready for Prep!

Educated to a higher level, our Head Start Curriculum focuses on exceeding all primary school benchmarks while developing emerging extra-curriculum skills and interests.

The full-day funded Kindergarten program integrating with the national quality framework focuses on all areas of your child’s social, emotional skills, physical, intellectual, and language abilities.

Victorian Children will flourish with all the unlimited opportunities provided to them.   The biggest one is the freedom to explore and experiment with no limitations on their learning journey.  What a Head Start!

We’ll have your child-school ready, resilient, and ready to take on the world!

We look forward to working with Little Learners for many years to come…

Little Learners has been fantastic in supporting our transition process from Kinder to Prep.  Their School Readiness Program has certainly helped prepare children for school.  The teachers work with us willingly to ensure a smooth transition process.  The children appreciate the follow up visits in Prep and absolutely love saying hello to their Kinder teachers again!  

Grace Lucic

School Care Programs

Before and After School Hours Care Up to 12 Years

We offer a before-school and after-school hours care program from Monday to Friday, from 6:30am to 8:30am and from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

This program gives parents the flexibility to work and commute outside of regular school hours, while their children are in a safe, supportive and caring environment.  The program is under the national child care subsidy program and we include a healthy breakfast, afternoon tea, and snacks prepared by our qualified chef.

Transportation to and from school is provided by a trained staff member under very stringent safety policies.  We will drop off and collect children directly from the school.

We liaise directly with the school teachers of each child to work with them on their strengths and goals and support them with their school homework, combined with their fun activities, and physical, social, and emotional development.

School Holiday Care |  Pupil Free Days  | Public Holidays to 12 Years

Have to work but school is closed?

Then let us help you and your family by looking after your kids!

At Little Learners, we offer a vacation care program during the school holidays for school-aged children (aged 5 years to 12 years).

We provide a safe, welcoming, and respectful environment with a wonderful outdoor area to encourage physical activity and interaction, and healthy snacks combined with a team of highly qualified and experienced staff.

If your child is not enrolled at Little Learners, that’s not a problem. Just make sure you book in advance to guarantee you’re a child place during this busy time and we can complete any child care subsidy forms.

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