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Meals and Nutrition - Little Learners Early Education | South Morang Child Care

We provide breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and a late snack.

Our meals are prepared fresh on the premises by a qualified chef, created under the national guidelines for children’s nutrition and daily intake and endorsed by Nutrition Australia. We source food and produce from reputable suppliers that are registered and approved. Our nutritious meals provide your child with the fuel needed to support their growth and development!

We cater to the individual dietary needs of each child and have stringent policies and procedures in place for food allergies, cultural practices, and other restrictions.  Upon enrolment, we require notification of your child’s needs, plan meals and safety practices accordingly, and maintain individual Action Plans for all food allergies or diagnosed anaphylaxis.

We are also involved in “The Victorian Prevention and Health Promotion Achievement Program” which encourages healthy eating and exercise to prevent childhood obesity.

Meal and Snack Times

Within our meal routines, one of our practices is to provide independence.  We encourage this through children feeding themselves when appropriate and having a choice at snack times. For example, children in the kindergarten room will be serving themselves all their meals as well as pouring their own drinks under supervision.

Children spend meal times together as a group and we utilise this time as a social experience. Younger children may have meals and snacks at different times throughout the day to support their individual routines.

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