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Code of Conduct Policy - Families and Visitors - Little Learners Early Education | South Morang Child Care

Code of Conduct Policy – Families and Visitors


National Quality Standard (NQS)

7.1.2 – Management systems – Systems are in place to manage risk and enable the effective management and operation of quality service.


National Regulations

168 – Education and care services must have policies and procedures



This policy will provide guidelines to promote desirable and appropriate behaviour to ensure that all interactions with children and adults are respectful. Little Learners Early Education is legally responsible for providing an open, welcoming, and safe environment for all children and staff. We believe that all parents/guardians, family members, and visitors play a crucial and valuable role in the effective operation of the centre.

This Code of Conduct applies to all parents, carers, guardians, authorised contacts, visitors, and family members of children enrolled in a Little Learners Early Education service. The Code must be observed in all conduct and interaction with Little Learners Early Education, including any function or event held by or on behalf of Little Learners Early Education.



All adults at Little Learners Early Education are required to follow the principles;


      • That is to comply with the centres’ policies and procedures which are displayed at the centre.


      • To act in the best interests of children, their families, educators, and all stakeholders who use the


      • Work in a cooperative and collaborative manner.


      • Use courteous and acceptable language and behaviour and follow the centres’ grievance

Ethical Conduct and Confidentiality

      • Ensure that diversity is valued and any information relating to children and families at the preschool is kept confidential, in line with the centre’s Confidentiality and Privacy Policy.



Family members or authorised contacts shall be expected to communicate appropriately with all Educators and staff whilst dropping off or collecting their children, or other children as permitted to and from the service.


Appropriate communication shall include, but not be limited to:

    • Unobtrusive body language
    • Appropriate Language
    • Calm tone
    • Considerate and respectful positive interactions
    • Short meaningful interactions so educators are not having their focus away from the children


Parents are not permitted to discipline verbally or in any other way the children of other families, should a parent have an issue or concern regarding the conduct of another child, family, or member of staff, they shall follow appropriate grievance procedures.


Offensive Conduct will not be tolerated. This may include but is not limited to the following:

    • When a parent or guardian exhibits behaviour prohibited by law.
    • When a parent or guardian threatens physical or intimidating actions toward a child or adult.
    • When a parent or guardian exhibits bullying behaviour, or is verbally abusive towards staff or a child.


Parents who have a concern in regards to the service should raise this with the responsible person at the Centre at the time of the problem happening, negative networking about the Centre will not be tolerated.


Parents who breach the Conduct will be faced with appropriate outcomes which may result in the suspension or cancellation of their family’s enrolment with the service.


The Police may be notified if a family member or visitor’s conduct within the service is threatening or violent.


The Education and Care National Regulations 2011 National Quality Standards



Policy Reviewed Jan 2023 Next Reviewed Date Jan 2024
Modifications New policy created


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