Childcare 6 Weeks to 6 Years

We understand:  choosing to place your little one in daycare is a very big decision.  Talk to us about all of your needs and concerns, tour our facilities, experience our daycare rooms and outdoor areas, and see our fully qualified and experienced, nurturing educators with our children.  You’ll understand why our staff is hand picked to work with our littlest learners.  Every child is unique and precious, every child deserves the best possible care and attention, and every child receives the best start at Little Learners.  We work to provide a level of care in which your little one will thrive, with beautiful resources, nutritious and delicious food, active learning programs and environments, and the most loving, knowledgeable educators.  We’re flexible according to whatever you might need in your schedule and can be relied upon to be your trusted partner in your child’s care.  Call or book a tour to discuss your individual needs.  We’re certain you will find Little Learners the perfect place for your child when you can’t be with them.

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