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4 Year Old Kindergarten - Little Learners Early Education | South Morang Child Care

We’ll have your child school ready, resilient, and ready to take on the world!

Graduates of the Little Learners full day kindergarten program are recognised by local schools as socially, physically and developmentally ready for Prep!

There are so many advantages to full day kindergarten.  Full days allow us to focus on all areas of your child’s development including school readiness skills (also known as foundation skills) resilience, confidence, “ownership” of their learning, and emerging interests.

These skills are so important for the next stage of your child’s educational journey.  

Educated to a higher level, full day kindergarten children are not only given the time to focus on exceeding all school benchmarks, but have more opportunities to develop emerging skills and interests – something that cannot be fully achieved in sessional programs.  From science, maths, and technology, to yoga, to cooking, to athletics, to horticulture, to manual arts, to creative arts and languages (and much more) your Little Learner graduates kindergarten with the dual advantage of school readiness and far more developed skills and interests. What a Head Start!

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