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3 Year Old Kindergarten - Little Learners Early Education | South Morang Child Care

As with 4 year old Kindergarten, our program for 3 year olds is led by degree-qualified early learning specialists and aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework.

A quality kindergarten program will have more of an impact for children who start at age 3 rather than 4. (The benefits are even greater for children who are in vulnerable circumstances.)  That extra year at Kindy provides a child with the opportunity to become more socially adept, be better able to cope with their emotions, and to develop better attention skills.

A great kindy program for 3 year olds will lay the foundation of literacy and numeracy through play based learning, which is either self-directed or teacher led to inspire curiosity and discovery, creating seamless learning and building strong pathways academically and socially.  As they transition into 4 year old Kindy, children apply the skills and learning they’ve acquired through play into more focused learning that is designed to prepare them for Prep.  This “scaffolding” of skills and learning across two years of Kindy creates great learning habits, develops stronger literacy and numeracy, and develops emotional resilience.

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