South Morang Community Garden

To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow

We believe in a sustainable future, and we know that we are stewards of the planet.  Teaching our children to respect and care for Earth is part of our curriculum and an essential part of their learning journey as they come to understand their responsibilities as global citizens.  And what better way to teach sustainability, stewardship, and citizenry than by creating a garden in the public space next to our Centre for all to enjoy?

With free produce that anyone can pick and take home to use, the South Morang Community Garden was created in partnership with the Whittlesea Council and supported by local businesses.  Everyone in our community is welcome – neighbours, individuals, families, residents in our area – to take the free food that is grown, to help care for the garden, to plant sustainably, and to enjoy the Garden as a recreational facility for relaxation, family gatherings, picnics, quiet time, games, and fun!

Facilities and features are continually added to the Community Garden – great gardens grow over time! We’ll continue to develop ideas and we welcome your feedback.  Would you like to participate and maintain a garden bed?  What facilities would you like to see in the Garden?  We’d love to know your thoughts.


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